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ISBN: 978-1927154359

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Dr. Aidan Fraser is a 23rd Century quantum physicist with a dangerous secret. He believes in the Creator.

As a young child, Aidan met a crone banished for heresy after claiming to hear the voice of the Eternal and Forever. Bridget Hanlon taught Aidan the story of creation she believed was written into the constellations.

Since then, Aidan's most fervent hidden desire has been to unlock the mysteries of the universe and one day meet this Creator face-to-face. As a man, Aidan flees the Isles of Myst to join the modern world, turning his back forever on the Matriarchy and the prospect of becoming bond-slaved to Caitlyn Drummond.

As the Director of the Institutes for Quantum Research, he discovers Phased Array technology that renders all other forms of energy generation obsolete. But, when Anthropian warlords steal the array, nine billion lives depend on Aidan's ability to recover what could become a technological nightmare if his discovery is converted to military use.

Yet, he cannot do it alone. The warlords possess almost supernatural intelligence and abilities. Aidan has no choice but to seek the help of the Mystics he abandoned. Caitlyn Drummond offers to retrain him in the Mystic Arts, but he knows the cost of her help will be his freedom.

Can Aidan Fraser retrieve the Phased Array and escape Caitlyn and the Matriarchy a second time?

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